Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Albany Woodworks Restores Key West Lighthouse from 007 "A License to Kill"

Iconic Key West Lighthouse as viewed from the gallery of The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum featured predominantly in the 007 film License to Kill.

From The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum website:

"The Hemingway home was built in 1851 in the Spanish Colonial style, and was constructed of native rock hewn from the grounds. The home was in great disrepair when it the Hemingways took ownership, but both Ernest and Pauline could see beyond the rubble and ruin, and appreciated the grand architecture and stateliness of the home. The massive restoration and remodeling they undertook in the early 1930’s turned the home into the National Historical Landmark that thousands of tourists visit and enjoy today."

The Key West Lighthouse built in January 13, 1826 is 65 feet tall and has on its grounds an 1840s Keepers Quarters which was completely restored using Antique Heart Pine from Albany Woodworks.

Fun Fact: The Key West Lighthouse and Keeper's Quarters can be seen in the Bond movie "A License to Kill" during the scene where M revokes Bond's license to kill. 


Antique Heart Pine from Albany Woodworks was used to restore the Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarters to their authentic 1901-1915 appearances. #jamesbond