Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Higgins Industries Uses Louisiana Heart Pine for Victory at D-DAY, 1944

Fun Fact: Trees from Louisiana forests - specifically old-growth Heart Pine - were an important ingredient in these boats that made the success of the D-DAY landings possible. #veteransday #honorourheros

1944 photo: Higgins Industries in New Orleans, Louisiana: "The Guy Who Relaxes is Helping the Axis"
 US Coast Guard Certificate of Merit: "Mr. Woods is cited for notable service for ... invaluable support of The Higgins Boat Project which resulted in the construction of an authentic Higgins Boat for display at The National WWII Museum..."


Higgins Boat on display at The National WWII Museum, built using Antique Heart Pine keel and ribs donated by Albany Woodworks.

Andrew Higgins, his LCVP Landing Craft, built in New Orleans, was credited by Eisenhower for the success on D-DAY.