Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Southern Living Magazine Presents 1st Annual A. Hays Town Award, 2013

We enjoyed working on several architectural projects with A. Hays Town. His family spoke of Albany Woodworks being mentioned as one of his favorite sources for Antique building materials.  Below are two examples of A. Hays Town projects using Antique Heart Pine and Cypress from Albany Woodworks.

From the August 2013 issue of Southern Living Magazine:

"Perhaps no Southern architect is better known than the late A. Hays Town, who designed more than 500 iconic homes in his state of Louisiana and across the South. We've named our award, which will be given annually to a Southern architect, to honor him."

To get the full story of "A. Hays Town Award" featured in the 2013 Southern Living Magazine visit  follow the link.  View Article