Thursday, February 20, 2014

Albany Woodworks Heart Pine Brings New Life To Historic Capitol Building, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2013

Blogger's Note: Captured in 1862 during the Civil War by Union forces under the command of Admiral Farragut, and totally reconstructed after the war, "The Old Gray Castle," was abandoned in 1932 for the current State Capitol building. Albany Woodworks provided over 10,000 sqft. of Premium Antique Heart Pine Flooring used to completely restore the Old Senate Room and Chambers floors in 2013.

(Above) Color Photo: The Old Louisiana State Capitol building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Albany Woodworks supplied over 10,000 sqft. of Antique Heart Pine Flooring to the 2013 historic renovation, helping to restore the building to its original 1880's condition.  Photo courtesy of the State Library of Louisiana.

Envisioned by architect James Dakin as a Neo-Gothic medieval castle overlooking the Mississippi River, construction on the Louisiana State Capitol building was completed in 1847.  There was a need for a new State Capitol Building when, in 1846, the Louisiana Legislature in New Orleans decided to move the seat of government to Baton Rouge. 

(Above) Present Day Photo:  The dramatic focal points of the interior, a spiral staircase and stained glass dome were added in 1882, after a complete repair due to damage sustained to the building during the Civil War.  Photo courtesy of Albany Woodworks © 2014 

Premium Antique Heart Pine Flooring from Albany Woodworks was used throughout the Old Senate Room and Chambers to restore the room's floors to their original 1880s condition.  

(Above) Present Day Photo:  The interior floors of the Senate Chamber were restored to their original condition with Antique Heart Pine Flooring from Albany Woodworks.  Photo courtesy of Albany Woodworks © 2014

From the Louisiana's Old State Capitol website:

Interior and Exterior Restoration of Louisiana's Historic Statehouse
"In 1991, after decades of neglect, a group of dedicated, concerned citizens and politicians saved the Old State Capitol from demolition and began a massive reconstruction to restore the historic building. Since then, the historic statehouse has undergone many changes. 


(Above) Present Day Photo:  Albany Woodworks' Antique Heart Pine flooring blends beautifully with the existing original wood elements, like these grand doors framing the view from the Old Senate Chambers to the Old Senate Room.  Photo courtesy of Albany Woodworks © 2014

In April of 1994, Louisiana's Old State Capitol completed Phase I of a multimillion dollar preservation and renovation project and once again opened its doors to serve the people of Louisiana."

(Above) Interior photos of the 1994 Old Louisiana State Capitol building restoration project.  Photos courtesy of Louisiana's Old State Capitol website.

*Updated*: In 2013, on-going projects from the 1992-94 interior renovation required over 10,000 sqft. of Premium Grade Antique Heart Pine flooring from Albany Woodworks.  In January 2014, the Capitol Building re-opened after the work on the Old Senate Room and Chambers was completed, and we are able to share up-to-date photos, of the finished result, from our recent visit.