Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coffee & Chicory, Inside The New Orleans Coffee Industry, 1800s - Part 4

Blogger's Note: Not surprising to those who live here, New Orleans might just be where the morning coffee break originated early in the 20th century.  You can walk down any number of streets in the French Quarter of New Orleans and see coffee shops at many levels of repair, or charming lack there of, the local houses all offering the same potent morning brew - Coffee with Chicory. Coffee society in New Orleans began with one woman, Rose Nicaud.  Located on historic Frenchmen Street in the French Quarter, the aptly named Cafe' Rose Nicaud, gives us her story, and the beginning of our city's long-standing love affair with coffee.

(Above) Loyola Coffee And Chicory Label.  'It's In The Pack.'  A High Grade Blend Sold Only Ground And Steel Cut American Coffee Co., New Orleans, U.S.A.

(Above) Tulane Brand Pure Coffee Label.  'Every Cup A Cup Of Joy.'  'Strictly High Grade, May Be Had In Either Whole Bean, Ground, Steel Cut, Or Pulverized.'  American Coffee Co., New Orleans, U.S.A.

May this blogger be as impartial in today's post as the New Orleans-based American Coffee Co., in its seemingly simultaneous production of both Loyola and Tulane Brand Coffee.  Believed to be in some way related to the universities respective histories; with campuses historically linked, at the minimum by their sheer proximity, on tree-lined St. Charles Avenue in Uptown New Orleans.

As an alumni of Loyola University, I am modestly amused the Loyola label nods to a professed preference by most New Orleans for Coffee with Chicory, while the Tulane brand opts for a classic approach with "Pure Coffee." 

No additional information is currently available on these coffee labels, nor any mention in advertisement of the time.  There is, however, a relationship to accounts regarding the American Coffee Co., a company established in the 1890s, whose first product was the popular French Market Coffee brand, and was among the brands featured at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis. 

(Above) B&W Photo: Display of New Orleans-based coffee brands, 1904 Saint Louis Worlds Fair, Louisiana Exhibit. On April 30, 1904, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, also known as the 1904 World’s Fair, opened.

Tulane coffee was among the brands represented at the 1904 Saint Louis Worlds Fair, retitled the "Louisiana Purchase Exposition" for the duration.  Other brands on display included:  French Opera Coffee & Chicory, Sutetu Coffee & Chicory, and Cottolene.  

(Above) B&W Photo, date unknown:  The American Coffee Company of New Orleans produced the Loyola Coffee and Chicory and Tulane Pure Coffee Brands.

From the Louisiana State Museum website:

"The American Coffee Company was founded in 1890 at 423 South Peters Street Its first product was French Market Coffee. Over the years American's brands have included St. Charles, Honeymoon, French Opera, Tulane, Pointer, French Market, Dixieland, Loyola, and Monteleone.

After acquiring the New Orleans Coffee Company in 1934 and Merchants Coffee in 1950, the company ensured its place in stores around the region. The company still roasts such popular brands as Union and French Market Coffee at 800 Magazine Street and provides commercial grades for local restaurants and businesses under the label Alameda."

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