Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our Country Cottage Heart Pine Flooring Adds Beautiful Character to Home Renovations

Grade Description: Charming, informal, rustic, our Country Cottage flooring grade has a beautiful natural character to brighten any space. As with all of our Antique Heart Pine flooring grades, you can expect easy-upkeep, durability, and the beautiful natural coloration that only can be attained from re-milling well-seasoned, aged timbers.

Grade Specifications: 70% heartwood, mixed and looser grain, more frequent larger knots (2% or less of surface area) and vintage nail-holes.  Available in a wide range of sizes for gluedown or naildown installations.

Special Offer: We are currently offering a social media discount on the Country Cottage grade featured here.  Mention this post to receive a special discount.  Call (225) 567-1155 to take advantage of this great savings.  We would love to hear from you!

The Albany Woodworks Guarantee:  The best part of ordering from Albany Woodworks is getting the benefit of our 37 years of experience as a local family-owned business.  Our commitment to quality is based on years of hands-on craftsmanship and traditional building techniques.  As a Golden Rule Company, we don't let anything leave our facility until it is up to our high standards.  We treat our customers how we would treat ourselves, and it shows.

Our Standard of Excellence: This standard of excellence is part of what makes us so different from other flooring companies.  We hand-select your order to guarantee the quality of our flooring.  What that means for our customer is that we get it right the first time, on-time.  We understand that having a team of knowledgeable people who care about your project can make a difference. No matter what size your project is, we are always ready to help!

100% Sustainable Product & Toxin-free: Natural antique wood from Albany Woodworks is the best alternative to the hazards of formaldehyde and other poisons brought into your home during the carpeting process.  You let us know your family deserves a healthy alternative to carpet, and we hear you!  You let us know that building green and from sustainable resources was important to you, and we provided you with the best re-cycled, re-claimed antique lumber in the industry. 

Suitable for all Installation Types: With the flexibility of our fully-automated large-scale facility we can offer a variety of flooring applications to best suit your project.  Whether it be for naildown or gluedown, or complete renovation,  our flooring and millwork blends beautifully with the existing wood in your home. 

For more information and to see many examples of our quality woodwork, visit albanywoodworks.com, take a little drive and visit our showroom, open daily on the Northshore, or call (225) 567-1155 or (800) 551-1282.  

Call today to receive a quote and take advantage of our offer for instant savings on your purchase!