Thursday, May 1, 2014

Updated: Visit Zemurray Gardens For the Azalea Season - Hammond, La

Azalea flowers, such as the ones above cover the verdant plants in early April to late May.  Truly a lush sight of color to see, and on most stunning display at the Zemurray Gardens near Hammond, Louisiana.

Filled with well-tended natural vistas, the Gardens are a place for beautiful weather and spring flowers.

Fun Fact: In addition to being renowned for its beauty, the Azalea is also highly toxic—it contains andromedotoxins in both its leaves and nectar, including honey from the nectar. The Azalea and Rhododendron were once so infamous for their toxicity that to receive a bouquet of their flowers in a black vase was a well-known death threat.

Update: Zemurray Gardens closed after Katrina, no current plans to re-open. Daily Star article "Gardens fall victim to Katrina" available online: