Monday, September 22, 2014

Southern Comfort Plantation, West Point a La Hache, Louisiana, 1834 - Part 2

Blogger's Note: Southern Comfort is such a prevalent alcoholic southern beverage, it was sent overseas to Allied troops during WWII as part of food rations.  Here is a brief history of Southern Comfort and the raised Creole cottage plantation house in Louisiana famous for appearing on the brand's label since 1934.

From the Edward Dillon website:

"With the growing success of Southern Comfort Heron hired Grant M. Peoples as his business partner, heir and successor, in 1907 and the pair kept the country well stocked with Southern Comfort.

In January 1920, Prohibition hit causing the production of Southern Comfort to cease.
Four months after the establishment of Prohibition, Heron died in St Louis.  Thankfully Southern Comfort did not.  MW Heron willed his most prized possession, the Southern Comfort secret recipe, to his protege Grant M. Peoples.

Due to Prohibition Grant M. Peoples could not do anything with the secret recipe of Southern Comfort, therefore in the early 1930’s he sold the recipe, trademarks and patents to the Francis Fowler family, an eccentric and aristocratic St. Louis family.

In 1933 Prohibition was lifted and Southern Comfort came back into production.  In 1934 the Francis Fowler family repackaged Southern Comfort by adding the flute look to the neck of the bottle and adding, the now famous, Currier & Ives lithograph to the label which shows the Woodland Plantation and the Mississippi in New Orleans. These changes were made to emphasis the heritage of Southern Comfort.

Southern Comfort is given a boost in sales in 1939 with the release of the film ‘Gone with the Wind’.  The ‘Scarlett O’Hara’ cocktail was inspired by the movie and was a mixture of Southern Comfort & cranberry juice.  During WWII Southern Comfort was sent to the military in Food Parcels. This enabled Southern Comfort to gain global recognition.

In 1979, Southern Comfort was purchased again, but this time by Brown-Forman.  At present, Southern Comfort is now available in more than 80 countries and over 2.4 million cases are sold annually."