Monday, February 9, 2015

Is Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine Cost Effective?

From the article What is Heart Pine Flooring & How Much Does it Cost?:

Heart pine ages very well over the course of years. As a character wood, the wear that the floor receives is thought to improve its aesthetics. This makes it ideal to install sooner, rather than later. This also makes it a very sound investment. Individuals who install heart pine floors can feel confident that the floor they have installed will last the lifespan of their home.

Most wooden flooring requires some kind of stain, followed by a clear coat to help seal it against water damage. Heart pine already has a rich red or golden color. This means that staining it is a purely optional exercise, and it is one most homeowners choose to forgo in favor of the natural look of pine. This makes it significantly easier to install, compared to other forms of flooring as it only requires the sealing clear coat.

This does not include the cost of installation or the clear coat. However, pine flooring tends to be less expensive than similar wood brands because it does not require staining in the same way other floors do. The staining process tends to add a lot of cost per square foot to wooden floor costs in general, so being able to skip this makes pine flooring a much more affordable proposition.

Heart pine is distinguished from sapwood. It comes from the deepest parts of the pine tree and is selected for its depth of color and relative durability. The deeper woods of a pine tree are darker, carrying a red or gold tint to them, and this is why heart pine doesn't require stain in the same way other wooden floors such as oak or birch do.

Reclaimed heart pine is distinct from fresh heart pine for its "character." Character in a floor is defined as the patina of natural scratches and stress it acquires through use over the years. Pine is specially noted to compress and compact in a favorable way, giving it a more aged, antique look instead of simply making it look worn out. Fresh heart pine will develop this character over the course of years of use, but reclaimed heart pine floors come with this from the outset. This is why it can sometimes be considered higher quality while being a recycled flooring material.

Heart pine flooring is extremely beautiful form of wooden flooring, and its popularity has never died down.  Installing heart pine can considerably raise the value of a home. Because it ages well, it's very attractive for homeowners looking for a long-term purchase. It also appreciates in value over time as it develops character, making it an excellent investment.