Monday, March 9, 2015

Episode 1: Getting Started On Your Project

Looking for insight on the latest home and flooring trends? Our new DIY Youtube Channel 'Ask Albany Woodworks' provides insightful answers to viewer questions and explore the many benefits of using reclaimed lumber in your home.

Narrated by April Woods

April Woods is a Social Media and PR professional living in Denver, Co.  Growing up as the daughter of Albany Woodworks CEO Richard Woods provided April with one-of-a-kind insight into the reclaimed flooring industry and the sustainable building boom of the last decade.  By speaking to craftsmen and industry professionals like her father Richard April hopes to discover the traditions of America's antique wood past, one that was almost lost.   

(Above): 200-year-old well seasoned and aged pine beams, rustic heart pine flooring and custom solid wood windows are a perfect addition to this customer's home.  Visit our website for more information: /