Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Home Design Trends That Stand The Test Of Time

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From the Lancaster Online website article Home Design Trends That Stand The Test Of Time by Pat Johnson:   

It's easy to get caught up in the latest trends, whether it's clothing, accessories or electronic gadgets but what about when it comes to home decor?

Combining trends and timelessness
"I think combining some trendy items with more classic items has the best longevity,” says Henrietta Heisler, president and director of design at Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. (HHI), 217 W. Walnut St., second floor. “Today the trend is combining decors — an eclectic look, anything goes. One amazing stand-out trendy piece in a room makes a great statement and gives you flexibility. A great coffee table or a fabulous chandelier are two ways to add today's trend to a room."  Heisler, who has been an interior designer for 17 years, emphasizes "trends come and go but each iteration is unique to its time."

Stacy R. Wessel, interior designer and owner of SRW Design Co., 31 Diller Ave., New Holland, started her company in 2005. She says, "A homeowner can certainly incorporate trendy aspects into their home or business while having the core design stand the test of time.  “Great quality materials and craftsmanship are aspects of design that will never go out of style," she says.

"Lancaster County has beautiful historic properties that showcase original millwork, plaster cornices, decorative glass, wood flooring and hardware. These materials were installed and designed by skilled craftsmen. New (or newer) construction homes can follow suit by selecting great materials.  Reclaimed lumber and recycled wood are popular materials that will add character to a home and will stand the test of time."

Mix and match
Furnishings were once selected to match, Wessel says, and pieces that weren’t part of the matching group were thought of as temporary. But that has changed.  “Things are opposite now, which gives homeowners the freedom and joy to select furnishings that are appealing, sentimental, historic, etc.,” Wessel says. “I love mixing modern with traditional. Incorporating a Victorian or mid-century modern piece into a contemporary setting creates great interest and character. The same applies to light fixtures and hardware. Materials, metals, finishes do not have to match. This is a trend I am sure will continue to evolve."

The classics
Wood moldings, well-proportioned baseboards and crown moldings are among the classic design elements that have stood the test of time, Heisler says.  “They never go out of style, though chair rails have been out of style for quite some time,” she says. “Traditionally, molding has been painted white and the walls a deeper color. Today, I see a trend to painting everything the same saturated color — walls and details — thus creating a new trend with a classic look. Hardwood floors have also stood the test of time."

Going gray
Color is often an area that lends itself to trends, Heisler says.  "Gray has been a big hit in the design world, and now that it's broken into the norm I think it will stay. It's so versatile, there are so many good gray tones that blend with many other colors, metals and styles."

Others agree with Heisler. recently cited a National Kitchen & Bath Association 2014 Kitchen & Bath Style Report noting the growing popularity of using grays and beiges (or ‘greige,’ a combination of the two).  “These ‘new neutrals’ look crisp and classic on their own and blend well with many other colors and materials, including stainless steel," according to

Wessel says: "Though the neutral beiges, whites and greys are always popular, brighter colors are making a mark in the design world. You see large patterned colorful wallpapers as accents.  “Some colors like the Pantone colors of 2009 Mimosa Yellow, 2010 Turquoise and 2012 Tangerine Tango (orange) and one of my favorites, 2013 Emerald Green, have opened the door to bolder and brighter colors and lots of contrast.  "I think a saturated blue will be a relevant color in 2016 or 2017," Wessel predicts.

And don’t forget green
Heisler adds that "the reuse and repurposing of old items is still popular and can be a great way to create that special unique item in any room.  “This next generation takes recycling seriously and it is trending in the design world. I have seen design businesses start from the reuse of objects to create, lamps, tables and other elements."

"Thankfully," says Wessel, "the general population is more aware and educated regarding sustainability, green design and the environment. Creating an eco-friendly lifestyle did not exist in the recent past. Smart planning, energy and water conservation, using materials (i.e. paint) to cleanse the air, repurposing waste, etc. are practices that were not part of the design process.
“Green design is now in integral part of interior design."