Friday, May 22, 2015

Our 200th Blog Post! Albany Woodworks is Turning Green With WES

Blogger's Note:  Team Woods - my father Richard Woods, CEO of Albany Woodworks, my sister Alissa, my mother Judith, and I - have been very busy on a new green energy project.  Albany Woodwork's sister company Waste to Energy Systems (WES) is an up-and-coming green energy start-up that promises to make history with the launch of a brand new, state-of-the-art bioHearth® gasification system.  What is gasification you ask?  Visit Alissa's new WES Blog and get all of the facts on gasification and its impact on the future of green energy.  

(Above): Albany Woodworks is 'turning green' with help from WES and the bioHearth® gasification system.

Albany Woodworks is partnering with Waste to Energy Systems (WES) to take going green even further - in addition to already sourcing some of the best quality reclaimed lumber in the industry for the last forty years - with hopes to soon be off the grid completely and powering our 10,000 sqft. facility with clean energy from sawdust and wood scraps.

(Above): The WES Blog is a great resource for current events in green energy and particularly gasification. 

Visit the WES informational website  for more information about this exciting technology.  Congrats to Alissa Woods for joining the ranks as a professional blogger!!! Your sister is very proud!