Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Natural Beauty of Antique Heart Cypress

(Above): Antique Heart Cypress is often sought out for its natural rot-resistant and water-resistant properties which make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

For thousands of years the forest and alluvial basins were undisturbed, allowing these stately giants to slowly grow to heights of 80 to 150 feet with trunks as large as 15 feet in diameter. It's easy to see that they are a relative of the ancient redwoods of the west. The Heart Cypress trees' ultimate demise was hastened because the lumber contained in these huge trees had uniquely subtle grain patterns, beautiful coloration, and unsurpassed rot-resistance.

Antique Heart Cypress, known as the "Wood Eternal", has been revered by craftsmen and wood workers for its wonderful workability for over a hundred years. We have reclaimed old Cypress from it's use in buildings that were constructed in the 1800's. These buildings were southern textile mills, lumber mills, large agricultural buildings and at one point we were able to gather and use old Cypress that had been used as industrial water cisterns. This type of reclaimed cypress will have multiple knots and nail-holes. Let us provide this wonderful material for your particular project.


(Above): Antique Heart Cypress from Albany Woodworks has natural beauty, color, and character like no other type of wood.  Installed in this customer's home, it becomes apparent how many uses there are for Antique Heart Cypress, or "the wood eternal" as it has come to be known in the industry.

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