Friday, June 26, 2015

5 Ways To Survive Summer In Style

Blogger's Note:  The first time you or hear the cicadas droning at dusk on a summer night, or when you catch your first firefly in a mason jar and watch its light blinking off and on.  Muggy summers spent living in or visiting the Gulf Coast can make you really appreciate why air conditioning was invented.  Humidity is a bid deal this close to the equator, here are a few tips on how to thrive in these summer months with style. 

5. Drink Iced Tea The beverage of choice for most summer months.  Fresh-squeezed lemonade runs a close second.  Anything to lower your body temperature - it doesn't hurt that it's delicious!  Perfect on a summer day, this is what iced tea was made for!

4. Enjoy the Outdoors Why stay all cooped up in the home when it is much more interesting, and cooler, outdoors.  At least when you are outside and you start sweating, there is a reason for it!   Take the family and friends to fly a kite down by the levee or to an outdoor festival, you may even find a breeze to cool you off.  Now that is what we call "natural air conditioning!"   

3. Go swimming This could be part of tip #4 but swimming during the summer to cool off deserves its own category.  Have a pool?  Great.  When was the last time you took the whole family down to your favorite beach or swimming hole?  Sharing a splash or reviewing the finer points of the perfect cannonball with your family and friends is a great way to beat the heat and make new memories.   

2. Dress Accordingly  When it comes to summer apparel, less is definitely more.  Both men and women are recommended to have at least one trusty pair of sturdy flip-flops, shorts, and a loose fitting light-weight tank-top or shirt.  Wear this outfit, wash, rinse, repeat until the temperature starts cooling down sometime in late October.

1. Take On A Project Summer is a great time to make a fresh start for your home or workspace.  Trends are hot for reclaimed wood flooring paired with a white tone or bright pop of color for walls and accent pieces.  Getting a start on your project now ensures that by the time the winter months roll around you will be snug and warm in a newly remodeled space!

We hope you liked our list of 5 Ways To Survive Summer With Style, if you enjoyed reading it feel free to share!