Wednesday, July 8, 2015

8 Fun Facts About Trees

Blogger's Note: Home and business owners are opting for reclaimed and recycled lumber for many reasons - the most compelling being that it is a sustainable resource - eliminating tree harvesting for new lumber.  Here are 8 fun facts that may amaze you ... lets take a moment to appreciate just how great trees are.  Enjoy!

From the Sustainable Atwood website:
We have come across some fun information about trees that we thought we should share. See below for a fun list of facts you may or may not already know!

Fact #8: Tallest Tree
The tallest tree in the country is a Coast Redwood growing in northern California’s Redwood National Park. It is 369 feet tall and over 2000 years old!

Fact #7: The Longest Tree-Sit
On December 10, 1997, environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill climbed a redwood tree in California to protest logging practices by the Pacific Lumber Company. She stayed there until December 23, 1999, setting a record for the longest tree sit.

Fact # 6: No Tree Dies of Old Age
No tree dies of old age. They are generally killed by insects, disease or by people. California Bristlecone Pines and Giant Sequoias are regarded as the oldest trees and have been known to live 4,000 to 5,000 years.

Fact #5: Largest Area of Forest
The largest area of forest in the tropics remains the Amazon Basin, amounting to 81.5 million acres.

Fact #4: Largest Forest Planted by People
Arbor Day was first observed in Nebraska in 1872. That state is now home to one of the world’s largest forests planted by people – over 200,000 acres of trees.

Fact #3: Trees can “talk” to each other
Some trees can “talk” to each other. When willows are attacked by webworms and caterpillars, they emit a chemical that alerts nearby willow of the danger. The neighboring trees then respond by pumping more tannin into their leaves making it difficult for the insects to digest the leaves.

Fact #2: Trees Save Energy
According to the USDA Forest Service, “Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30 percent and save 20-50 percent in energy used for heating.”

Fact #1: Trees on Earth for 370 million years
Trees have been in existence on the Earth for 370 million years.

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