Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hidden Gems: Cypress Trees in Unusual Places Pt 2

Bloggers Note: The search continues for Cypress Trees in places you would least expect. The first part of our blog brought us to a 52,000 year old Cypress forest on the ocean floor off the coast of Alabama. This week, we look at a couple places in the U.S. one would not expect to find naturally growing Cypress Trees. 

(Pictured Above) The Goose Pond Cypress Trees standing in the frozen wetlands. Image by blogger Steven Higgs

Goose Pond Cypress Slough, Southwest Indiana:
Where the Wabash River meets the Ohio River, people claim this area looks more like Louisiana than Indiana. The Goose Pond Cypress Slough is one of the farthest north areas you will find Cypress Trees naturally. The area is made up of old Sloughs, side channels from the Ohio River, that run about four miles along the river. During the winter months, visitors have been known to cross the ice to touch the trees, not something one can do in the deep South! To preserve this unusual area of Cypress Trees, Indiana dedicated this area as a State Nature Preserve in 1995.

(Pictured Above): Louisiana or Delaware? A scene from Trap Pond State Park in Delaware

Trap Pond State Park, Delaware:
Located in the largest surviving fragments of what was once an extensive wetland lies Trap Pond State Park near Laurel, Delaware. Trap Pond is the northernmost extensive natural stand of bald cypress on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. A dam was built in the 18th century in the original wetlands that covered a vast amount of the Sussex County during peak logging times. This dam created Trap Pond and a perfect swampland area for the remaining Cypress Trees to grow. The area was named a state park in 1951.
(Pictured Above) The Lone Cypress Tree is an enduring landmark of the famous 17 mile drive along the California coast.

The Lone Cypress Tree, California: Even though it is not a Bald Cypress Tree, a Cypress Tree on a rock by the ocean hardly seems like a typical place to find one. The Lone Cypress Tree is a famous tree located on Pebble Beach, CA and is even claimed to be one of the most photographed trees in the US. It is a Monterrey Cypress, a type of Cypress native only to Pebble Beach and Point Lobos in California. It is a beautiful landmark that is said to be 250+ years old and has withstood fires, storms and is currently held in place by cables.