Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This $5.6 million Bahama Estate Proves Antique Cypress is THE Wood of Luxury

Antique Cypress is often thought of as a traditional building material. Popular in 1800's when the South was being established, cypress was a go to due to its natural rot resistance and beauty. However, its beauty and fine grain make it a wonderful, versatile product that can create a variety of features, including windows, shutters, ceiling and wall paneling and doors. This $5.6 million Bahama Estate proves that cypress is no longer a wood of the past but a luxurious product that can create an awe-inspiring look.

Bahama Mansion built with Antique Cypress

The 9,000 sq ft residence located on 2 acres in Freeport, Grand Bahama with 150 feet of private beach front property is something out of the story books. The house is full of unique materials, including 24,000 board feet of antique and pecky cypress, Columbian coral stone, handmade clay roof tile from Columbia, custom wood and cast bronze door hardware, and Calcutta marble baths, The huge residence has 10 fireplaces and a $1.5 million in custom millwork alone.

Albany Woodworks cypress paneling

The architect, John B Mitchell ( was a long time customer of Albany Woodworks and included the family run business of 40 years as one of the main suppliers of cypress to help create this gorgeous abode. The cypress wall paneling is mesmerizing with mood lighting and modern accents (pictured above and below).

Albany Woodworks cypress wall paneling

Antique cypress millwork was included through house with wide crown molding and baseboards. Cypress shutters were custom built to enhance the tropical feel, while giving the home privacy and shade. (pictured below)
Cypress mill works and shutters

Pecky cypress continued outside with a spectacular arched covered patio with fireplace, exposed beams and cypress ceiling paneling, and a view! (pictured below)

Albany Woodworks Cypress Ceiling

Monday, February 15, 2016

Featured Project: Key West Caribbean Inspired Home Creates a Blissful Retreat with Reclaimed Heart Pine

Key West Florida House Design

This week's feature project could be one of the most stunning projects Albany Woodworks has participated in. From the outside, the creole inspired home, much like the homes found in New Orleans, seems quaint and traditional. However, stepping inside this Key West, Florida home gives the viewers a blast of gorgeous color, interest and style.

Reclaimed antique heart pine wall paneling and ceiling

The homeowner and contractor opted to use Albany Woodworks' Prestige Collection on the floor, walls and ceiling. The ultimate traditional wood of the South used in nontraditional places along with the wrought iron accents and statement art pieces give the home a stylish, modern look while highlighting the character of the local culture of the Key West Islands. The Prestige Collection is Albany Woodwork's  reclaimed heart pine option that is the best of the best: all heart, tight grain, clear (free of knots), 85% vertical grain or better.

Reclaimed antique heart pine wall paneling and ceiling

The biggest feature of this home is the retractable wall in the living area (pictured above). The unusual accent literally brings the outdoors in and extends the living space to enjoy the wonderful Key West weather. Continuing the ceiling to floor reclaimed heart pine into the bedroom gives the room a luxurious feel fit for royalty (pictured below). 

Reclaimed antique heart pine wall paneling and ceiling bedroom

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Featured Project: Dallas Home Remodel Adds Emphasis on Family and Tradition

Remodeling creates an opportunity for the homeowner to turn a house into a home and allow for a growing family to have enough space for time together in a gorgeously designed space. That was the case for this Albany Woodworks Featured Project in the Dallas area. The homeowner wanted to add a family room and a screened in porch, to allow the whole family to enjoy time together and an extended living area to spend the warm Dallas evenings. The results are stunning.

Albany Woodworks provided reclaimed heart pine beams to create a sense of drama in the family room. The homeowner paired the exposed pine beams with floor to ceiling windows with Albany Woodworks' sinker cypress window casings and transoms to allow tons of natural light into the family room. 

The screened-in porch allowed the homeowner to create an extended living space safe from the elements. The tall, exposed beam and heart pine ceiling provided by Albany Woodworks create an airy, open feel to the room, and not to mention a gorgeous focal point for the Dallas home. 

The screen doors for the porch were custom built by our team out of virgin growth sinker cypress, the ideal wood for outdoor use due to its natural rot and moisture resistance.

The collaboration between Albany Woodworks, the architect and homeowner gave this Dallas home a wonderful and breathtaking addition, creating a space for family and tradition. Want to get this look for your home? Find it at 

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