Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tennessee Cabin DIY Flooring Transformation

A customer shared step by step photos of turning their Tennessee cabin's flooring from drab to fab!

When the owner purchased the cabin, it had a dated green carpet in the living room. Inspired by the surrounding woods, the owner decided a hardwood flooring update was much needed! They began tearing up the carpet and padding to get to the sub floor. Baseboards were also removed. 

Once the carpet was removed, it revealed a plywood sub floor. It is important to check the subfloor for any damage and make sure it is level. After cleaning any dirt from the carpet removal, the sub floor is ready for its wood flooring! 

The flooring was delivered from Albany Woodworks' mill in Louisiana on a flat bad truck. A forklift truck is typically required for unloading the pallet of product.

The owner of the cabin installed the flooring himself. He first put down a felt paper since it was a nail down installation. He then began laying the flooring pieces against the longest wall, which is recommended. 

Using a nail gun, he began nailing the floor down, starting closest to the wall and working his way back. The flooring was tongue and groove so the next row interlocked and was blind nailed. This process was continued until the room was complete!

A professional flooring installer came in to finish the flooring for optimal quality. A semi-gloss finish was used. 

Once the multiple coats of finish were complete and dry, the baseboards were reinstalled and furniture was placed back in the room! The result is stunning. The owner picked a beautiful pine flooring that brought a modern touch to the Tennessee Cabin with a stunning view.