Friday, November 4, 2016

The Many Faces of Dirty Top Pine

Dirty Top Pine is a hugely popular choice when it comes to home remodeling or building new, and we know why! The rich color of this reclaimed wood flooring comes from two hundred years of original patina. It's rustic beauty fits in a multitude of room styles and applications.

(Pictured Above) Albany Woodworks' Orleans Collection aka Dirty Top Pine flooring was placed through the entire first floor of this residence. Pairing it with exposed brick gave this home a Tuscan feel. 

(Pictured Above) Dirty top pine flooring that has been lightly sanded or screened and finished to maintain its natural richness, creates the optimal rustic background for design and decor. The homeowner added this flooring and old pine beams as part of a remodel to her older home. When her project was complete, her friends repeatedly remarked that the added accents looked original to the home.

Want an application with a twist? Try using dirty top pine for an island counter top in a special area or for a spectacular butlers' pantry!

(Pictured Below) Looking for a more contemporary, finished feel? Dirty top flooring paired with modern furniture and neutral colors to create a perfect balance of old and new.

(Pictured Below) One of the best alternative applications for this type of reclaimed wood is as an accent wall. It adds intrigue and warmth to any space. The homeowner below used dirty top pine for this niche wall to recreate a challenging space into a delightful reading nook. 

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The original "Dirty Top" pine that Albany Woodworks helped pioneer all those years ago is now the hottest look in the industry. Continuing to grow in popularity with customers due to the natural distressed look that only time and slow-aging can create. Similar in look to our Orleans Collection, the old pine boards Albany Woodworks provides show the original surface of the beam it was cut from. Great for a natural look where sawmarks and the authentic character of the wood are everything.  Reclaimed, antique heart pine preserved with this unique and original surface is a versatile look that is sure to provide any home or business owner a lifetime of quality and beauty.