Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dirty Top Pine has met its match in this Kitchen Design!

Looking to add a rustic, authentic touch to your home? This can seem overwhelming with all the choices for home decor out there. However, one option that will last a lifetime and is always on trend is dirty top pine. Albany Woodworks supplied the flooring for a recent new home build in the green country side of the deep South. The homeowners wanted the bona fide Southern feel in their home while maintaining a modern ambiance. The solution was dirty top pine a.k.a. our Orleans Collection.

What is so special about dirty top pine? When you use this flooring, you are installing 200 of years of history, character and not to mention the beautiful color that can only be achieved with time! Paired with neutral tones gives the flooring the chance to shine and still allows for those modern touches to complete the look. 

These homeowners installed dirty top in the entire first floor including family room, hallways and entryway. The original saw marks and coloration is the perfect choice for areas of high foot traffic. The level of rusticity is completely up to the homeowner! Want the flooring to have lots of character and prevalent saw marks? Have an installer lightly sand it when placing the flooring. Want a smoother, more refined feel? A heavier sand will take out some of the roughness but still give you a rich tone. 

Dirty top pine is not only great for floors; it is also a wonderful counter top. This owner wanted to get creative and constructed the ultimate kitchen island.

The dirty top counter surfaces continue into the laundry area, creating a great sense of continuity through the downstairs. 

For other applications of dirty top pine, check out our blog "The Many Faces of Dirty Top Pine." 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

An Unforgettable Accent Wall for Every Room and Style!

Reclaimed wood accents are here to stay in 2017. If you are in market for a new look for your home without having to redo your entire style, a wood accent wall may be the perfect answer. Worried it won't fit in with your current decor? Toss those worries aside! Picking the right wood, texture and color can make a wood accent wall possible in any style or room. Here are some of our favorite looks!

1) Industrial meets Rustic in the Kitchen- These Tennessee homeowners opted for cypress paneling with a grey wash in the kitchen paired with exposed metals beams and a raw stone wall. The combination is highlighted by an abundance of natural light.

2) Naturally contemporary living space- To keep a light and airy feel in this contemporary living room, this Louisiana based homeowner chose a partial wood accent wall. The neutral colors, natural look of antique heart pine flooring and exposed brick create the optimal contemporary style. 

3) Modern with a Caribbean feel- Feel like going for a real wow factor? Try floor to ceiling wood! This Key West home has a true tropical feel with natural antique heart pine with clear finish on the floors, ceilings and walsl. The lighter color wood paired with a neutral headboard creates an open, airy ambiance.

4) Traditional southern sitting room- If your home is more southern traditional style, then adding a pecky cypress accent wall is the perfect choice! A custom heart pine fireplace mantle with antique heart pine floors and cypress paneling create the perfect cozy sitting room for the family. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Before and After: Sinker Cypress Transforms into Stunning Home Accents

At the bottom of rivers and lakes throughout the South lay a hidden treasure from a past era of industry. When logging ruled the Southern United States, rivers were the primary source of transportation for the giant logs that were cut from the abundant forests of states like Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee. As these logs were transported, some would come loose and sink to the bottom of these brackish rivers. There they lay in wait, cypress trees from the 1800's being perfectly preserved due to their natural rot resistance and giving truth to its nickname "Wood Eternal".

In the 70's, there was a resurgence of interest in antique woods as old factories and buildings were being torn down. Albany Woodworks, one of the first reclaimed flooring businesses in the US, began reclaiming wood from old buildings and logs found on the bottom of the rivers and lakes. The outside of these logs may look crusty, gray and ugly (pictured above) but inside is a wonderland of color and charm (pictured below).

Cypress is the ideal material for exterior applications like shutters, wall paneling, ceiling paneling and doors! To find out more, click here.