Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dirty Top Pine has met its match in this Kitchen Design!

Looking to add a rustic, authentic touch to your home? This can seem overwhelming with all the choices for home decor out there. However, one option that will last a lifetime and is always on trend is dirty top pine. Albany Woodworks supplied the flooring for a recent new home build in the green country side of the deep South. The homeowners wanted the bona fide Southern feel in their home while maintaining a modern ambiance. The solution was dirty top pine a.k.a. our Orleans Collection.

What is so special about dirty top pine? When you use this flooring, you are installing 200 of years of history, character and not to mention the beautiful color that can only be achieved with time! Paired with neutral tones gives the flooring the chance to shine and still allows for those modern touches to complete the look. 

These homeowners installed dirty top in the entire first floor including family room, hallways and entryway. The original saw marks and coloration is the perfect choice for areas of high foot traffic. The level of rusticity is completely up to the homeowner! Want the flooring to have lots of character and prevalent saw marks? Have an installer lightly sand it when placing the flooring. Want a smoother, more refined feel? A heavier sand will take out some of the roughness but still give you a rich tone. 

Dirty top pine is not only great for floors; it is also a wonderful counter top. This owner wanted to get creative and constructed the ultimate kitchen island.

The dirty top counter surfaces continue into the laundry area, creating a great sense of continuity through the downstairs. 

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